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A Christmas message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

This letter to Justin Trudeau and Chandra Arya, Patty Hajdu, Rachael Harder was forwarded to Patricia Mahoney, the editor of the Run with Life Blogspot, where it was reposted. December 18, 2017 The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Dear Justin,...

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Justin Trudeau–a bad time to be a pre-born baby

  Editor’s note. This appeared at The National Post is a prominent Canadian newspaper. Justin Trudeau, the head of the Liberal Party, is the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who is mentioned in this letter. The National Post...

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Justin and Niki’s abortion beachhead

  By Jonathon Van Maren In the last week or so, two federal political parties have come out attempting to one-up each other on who, exactly, is more in favor of relieving Canadian women of their pesky fetuses. [Former Canadian Premier, the late] Pierre Trudeau’s...

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Trudeau’s got it wrong on abortion

  He can't use Catholicism to justify stand By Archbishop Richard W. Smith Last Friday's edition of the [Edmonton] Journal published two responses to a letter sent last week by Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over...

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