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Do laws work to stop abortion?

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life “Restricting access to abortion,” tweets the World Health Organization (WHO), “does not reduce the number of abortions.” Supporters of legalized abortion frequently make this claim....

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Pro-Life Tennesseans Have Come So Far

Now, Let's Stay the Course and Protect Amendment 1 Please encourage your state legislators to work with Tennessee Right to Life in support of meaningful pro-life proposals which strengthen our state's abortion laws----not threaten them. By Brian Harris, President,...

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ACLU challenges Two Pro-Life Alabama Laws

By Dave Andrusko “Civil liberties group challenges Alabama abortion restrictions” is the headline in the Reuters story written by Karen Brooks. The “civil liberties group” is the ACLU, whose selective outrage and inconsistent mission to defend the powerless means it...

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Another historical step for the unborn

Pro-lifers understand history. We understand history because we fight for it every day. Every time we save a life, we are potentially creating generations and generations of lives that wouldn’t otherwise exist. The lives we are saving are literally changing the future...

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