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Of the “Death Test” and Death Panels

  By Wesley J. Smith When the NHS [the British National Health Service] adopted the “Liverpool Care Pathway” to guarantee quality palliative care, it led to bureaucratic checklist medicine, back door euthanasia, and the terminal sedation dehydration deaths of...

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Tragedy of the of Liverpool Care Pathway

By Wesley J. Smith These are the consequence of centralizing healthcare under bureaucratic control. Deprofessionalization.  Medicine practiced by the numbers. The most weak and vulnerable victimized. The tragedy of the Liverpool Care Pathway tells the awful tale....

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Liverpool Care Pathway Death Investigation

By Wesley J. Smith I have written often about the Liverpool Care Pathway(LCP) and how it has led to backdoor euthanasia. Now, an official inquiry is being made into one death that may be LCP related. From the Telegraph story: “Jean Tulloch, 83, died in March last year...

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NHS Back Door Euthanasia Payments to End

By Wesley J. Smith Centralized control of health care is catastrophic. The classic example is the Liverpool Care Pathway, originally created to ensure that NHS patients receive good pain control, under centralized control it often became a form of connect-the-dots...

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Dehydrating Disabled Babies in UK Hospitals

By Wesley Smith The Liverpool Care Pathway [LCP] has become a checklist for killing. This is what happens when a country allows bureaucrats to control healthcare. (Yes, I am issuing an unsubtle warning about Obamacare.) The Pathway was designed by health bureaucrats...

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Liverpool Care Pathway Used as Euthanasia

By Wesley J. Smith The Liverpool Care Pathway, which was supposed to be restricted to sedating patients whose pain could not otherwise be controlled, has mutated into a form of euthanasia. Not only are UK hospitals paid to to put patients “on the Pathway,” but it has...

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