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Four days to go and what do the polls tell us?

By Dave Andrusko It’s Friday, November 2—four days from Election Day. I suppose that some folks may have thought the presidential election would be a blow-out, but most anticipated exactly what we have: a nail-bitter. What can we say, based...

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Why Mitt Romney Must Be Elected

Editor’s note. This editorial appears in the fall issue of National Right to Life News. This edition of NRL News is important, which is why much of the NRLC staff has contributed prodigious amounts of time, insights, suggestions, and stories to make this special...

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Damning with faint, faint praise

By Dave Andrusko New York Times columnist David Brooks is not the only “conservative” to have fallen in love with candidate Barack Obama, nor the only one to hold fast while every platitude that flowed from his word processor fell flat. Although none of the qualities...

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7 Days to go: Keep on Keeping On

By Carol Tobias, NRLC President One week left in this presidential campaign. It doesn’t matter what you hear--and you will hear a lot-- keep on keeping on. We take nothing for granted. Keep on keeping on Think about what we have heard over the past few weeks, how it...

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More encouraging polling news on Monday

By Dave Andrusko I come from Minnesota and once interviewed the editor of the largest and most influential local newspaper—the [Minneapolis] Star & Tribune--about how in the world their poll could have found the eventual winner of a senatorial race hopelessly...

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