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So… ObamaCare WAS a disaster?

By Dave Andrusko As noted previously, I’m using today to catch up for developments over the weekend and on Labor Day. I watched (or listened to on replay on CSPAN radio) some of the Sunday talks shows, but missed The Chris Matthews Show. The website...

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Supreme Court Rejects Expedited Review of ObamaCare

By Dave Andrusko In a not unexpected decision, earlier today the United States Supreme Court turned down a request by the attorney general of Virginia to expedite a review of ObamaCare, the constitutionality of which has been upheld by some courts and rejected by...

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Shame on the Washington Post for its Lousy Poll

By Dave Andrusko This will be brief, but I feel I need to mention it because the poll is a perfect illustration of the kind of flim-flammery we will see a lot more of in the next 18 months. I knew something was wrong when I read the apologetic Washington Post Poll...

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Obama’s “Presidential Approval Index” Lowest Yet

By Dave Andrusko There are any number of ways of attempting to gauge a President’s public approval, the most customary being a straight up approval/disapproval numbers. But Rasmussen Reports also offers what amounts to an intensity gauge: what it calls the...

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