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A first look at 2014 pro-life state legislation

  By Dave Andrusko “Shifting strategies for state abortion battles in 2014” is the headline on a story in POLITICO written by Natalie Villacorta. I think it would be worth our while to take a few minutes to look at her analysis, given that as we approach the 41st...

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The Hard Work of Grassroots Pro-Lifers Pays Off

By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortionists habitually fluctuate between Chicken Little—the sky is falling—and crowing about how successful they were in staving off those crazy pro-lifers. The measuring stick is the numbers distributed by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute...

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Iowa House/Senate Battle Over Abortion

By Dave Andrusko Setting up a showdown with the state Senate, the Iowa House has set new limits on the use of state funds to pay for abortion and reprioritized the distribution of state and federal family planning funds. The 58-37 vote Wednesday was an amendments to...

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An Update on State Legislation

By Dave Andrusko As we near the end of the week, I asked Mary Spaulding Balch, JD, director of  National Right to Life's Department of State Legislation, for a quick progress  report. Here's the latest. A bill in Mississippi is now on its way to pro-life Gov. Phil...

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Pennsylvania Close to Passing Two Pro-Life Bills

By Dave Andrusko After sloughing through a pile of obstacles, pro-lifers in Pennsylvania have taken an important step forward on two bills. The state House gave final approval yesterday (146-45) to a bill that would move Pennsylvania another step closer to joining ...

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