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“A very dark day in the history of our state”: Rhode Island passes radical new abortion law

by | Jun 20, 2019

By Dave Andrusko

First and foremost, the deeply distressing news. On Wednesday Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (D) signed an expansionary abortion bill radical by any standards but camouflaged as legislation to preserve “the status quo” on abortion in Rhode Island.

The signing followed passage in the Senate [21-17] followed by the House [45-29]. It also followed one of the most emotional debates in decades.

In the delusional world of pro-abortionists, Raimondo insisted “Fundamentally, this bill is about health care. It’s about protecting and providing access to health care for all the women of Rhode Island.”

The law is so awful on so many fronts, it’s hard to know where to begin. As Rhode Island Right to Life valiantly pointed out, “While much of the public outrage has revolved around the removal of protected legal status for an unborn child killed as a result of an attack on her mother, it is also important to remember the MANY other ways this bill expands abortion:

  • Enables late-term, post-viability abortions due to inadequate definitions of “viability / health / necessary;”
  • Creates a broad “non-interference” statutory framework that would prevent meaningful state regulation of abortionists, and which…
  • Protects 2nd and 3rd trimester abortion methods such as partial birth abortions and dismemberment abortions of pain-capable unborn babies;
  • Endangers young girls by eroding parental consent laws, allowing consent by a grandparent or sibling;
  • Removes the penalty for experimentation on human fetuses.

Moreover, “for the first time in history — Rhode Island law would create and recognize a “right” to take the life of an innocent human being through abortion even though our state Constitution explicitly disavows such a “right.”

No pro-lifer expects fair media coverage. That would be like looking west for the sunrise. But coverage was egregious even by the usual standards.

For example, it is symbolic and telling that the lead story in the Providence Journal was 1,104 words long. Not until the final paragraph did you hear anything from Rhode Island Right to Life (quoted from its website)

“These powers and principalities of the General Assembly have now completely revealed themselves as the architects and actors behind this extreme abortion expansion, all the while continuing the pretense that they are pro-life … an historic and monstrous betrayal.”

Providence Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin‏ [@ThomasJTobin1] tweeted

The passage of the pro-abortion law in R.I. is profoundly disappointing, a very dark day in the history of our state. But…to the pro-life community, sincere appreciation! Your witness to the dignity of human life has been powerful, peaceful and prayerful.

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